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SeedIT has just released the alpha version of the collection console. Create an account and get started.

The collection console is our top level web application for collection managment. You can use it to add your target species and create collections groups for your collectors to join.

Our mission

SeedIT is building a seed collection and diversity monitoring tool for forest restoration projects.

  • Tracking

    From forest collection to transplantation, SeedIT helps you monitor your restoration project's diversity.

  • Sync files with the cloud

    Access, update and monitor your seed collection's project data.

  • Capacity building

    SeedIT provides the tools to build seed collection capacity within communities.

Working with


  • Chris Kettle is a founding partner and key strategist of SeedIT. He is an ecologist and geneticist, specialising in tropical forest trees. Currently, he is leading Bioversity International's cross-cutting research team, working on conservation and sustainable use of socio–economically and ecologically important trees and their genetic diversity.

  • James Margrove is a co-founder and developer at SeedIT. Prior to that, he completed a PhD on species co-existence in tropical forests in Borneo, where he experienced seed collection and propagation during a mast event in 2016. A keen application developer, statistician and forest ecologist.


  • Offline

    Made for remote low internet zones. Collections in the field can be made offline, and uploaded later.

  • Language support

    Local language support. Contact us to request specific local dialects for your collectors' needs.

  • Update

    Update seed lots, and track from collection to transplantation.

  • Download data

    Download data for your own records.